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It's All a Case of A, B, C.

A was seeing B.

And that was
ok for 5 or 10
minutes until
B took to slapping
A when shed
had a drink.

B got pregnant
by A and they
gave the family
life a go.

Not long into
that and A 
started fucking
C who was
married with
kids but what
the old man didnt
know wouldnt
hurt him.

D had a crack
at C too.

D was As

A had only 
just left when
D got round
there to do C.

The husband
never entered
the equation.

down the line
A and B split
and C dropped
out of the mix
with A and D.
A met E
and they married
closely followed
by D and B.

A and E
had a child.

D and B
tortured each
other from
day one of
their married
life with B
sleeping with
the lodger
2 weeks into
the marriage.

D thrashed
the lodger
within an inch
of his life
before turning
himself into
the police.

No charges
were pressed.

A and E 
ran into
problems early
on and before
long when
 A and E
could no longer
stand the sight
of each other
F came on
the scene.

A and F
started with
their thing
but before
long E was
causing all
sorts of trouble
with regards to
the kid she
had with A.

D and B 
kept out of
it as much
as possible
but that
never seemed
to be much.

A fucked E
behind Fs

By this time
D and B
had fought
like cat and
dog over
nothing and
D said thats
it, I want
a divorce.

F and D
confided in
each other
about their

A told B
that F was
having an
affair with D
but this was

B told A
that he was
a little prick.

A panicked
and phoned
D saying
hed dropped
him in it
with B
and that he
was sorry.

And its all
around their

I have to
sit and listen
to this shit.

Week in,
week out.

I have enough
trouble with
my one 
let alone having
to take on their
soap opera


You should be.

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