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true crime story 

i know you've given me the slip,
i can read it in your eyes - 
you're standing before me but you're gone. 

the micky takes hold: 
the drug you dropped into your drink of charm 
and said bottoms up, do me now. 

it's a good dizzy 
and i'll do anything you say 
so you whisper to me,

i can't keep running...
i want you to kill someone,
then i need you to disappear a while. 

before the spinning of the room 
and my world 
ceases, i ask why. 

because i've loved you, 
you say, and i'm criminal. i feel too loved
to pull off a heist without a hitch. 

i felt the darkness, the real crime, 
as it slid over me - or was that you, 
casing the joint 
before i disappeared? 

you're gone when i come to. 
there's no one to kill now, not even myself. 

who took it on the lam? 
who grabbed the goods? 
who made the getaway?

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