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DAVID HILL is well familiar with his own cock

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDavid Hill and a touch of passionDavid Hill writes with raw honesty, and a touch of cynicism, of relationships gone sour, but still close enough to his heart to make him remember fondly. His words are gentle at times, biting when he feels the urge to lash out, and nostalgically beautiful at others. His poetry can be read over and over or just read once for the sheer enjoyment of a good time.

David Hill has contributed poetry for movies, festivals, pop records, anthologies published on four continents, and a wide range of periodicals including The Independent, Envoi, Gargoyle, Literary Review and Modern Poetry in Translation. His dramatic reading style has entertained audiences in places including New York, London, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, where he co-runs The Bardroom. His collections are Angels and Astronauts and Bald Ambition. He is available for commissions and bookings. You can write to him at David.Hill@bbj.hu, or check out his web site at www.lyriklife.com.

David's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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Adonis's Abdomen