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Phased Out

In the beginning, the client was grinning: 
"Your help is welcome with open heart. 
We value the knowledge you bring us from college. 
With your assistance - a brand new start!" 

With noses to grindstone we met every milestone: 
"You’ve given us hundred-ten percent." 
And so we looked forward to nothing untoward: 
"Our client feels we’ve been heaven sent." 

Came time for renewal, we met with eschewal: 
"Participation we must rethink. 
As part of the process, we make this catharsis: 
We in your armor have found a chink. 

"Political climate demands reassignment 
Of contract to other company. 
Your documents finish so we can diminish 
What we’d committed next year to thee." 

Naive might be shattered when thought that he mattered, 
But to the cynic it’s no surprise: 
Beware when they praise you, for next they’ll out phase you, 
Then offer lamely their alibis.

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