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"I've existed for nearly five billion years, 
And throughout that time shed both laughter and tears. 
I have marveled at every comet that's passed, 
And have winced whenever one's into me smashed. 

"But around my sun I am one out of nine, 
And my sun itself's near the end of a line 
That still spirals out from my galaxy's core 
That's one sandy grain on the cosmos' vast shore. 

"For countless eons 'round the sun have revolved, 
Until recently something finally evolved 
That remained unnamed till along came your race 
Who have called it 'life,' merely fuzz on my face. 

"And, although to you, on my surface is all 
That you fathom, know not extent of my ball: 
I've metallic center which magma surrounds. 
And to you my oceans have depths that astound! 

"You invented God who ridiculously 
Made from nothing something as mighty as me. 
Quite the arrogance for a species so new 
With no inkling of all that's passed before you. 

"But if God's as smart as purported to be, 
Please explain why It put you humans on me? 
For I've never known of a species so dumb 
It devours its home, leaving only the crumbs. 

"So forget your myth of my seven-day birth, 
Since I give not even a rodent's ass worth 
To inane contention I only exist 
Because you think selves top some deity's list!" 

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