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RAY GALLUCCI does not fear Virginia Woolf

To the Unlikely Stories home pageScathingly funny, the poems of Ray Gallucci share his opinions and philosophies with an eviscerating wit. Always ready with an offbeat rhyme, he shares his cynicism with a peculiar sort of dark cheer, rolling enthusiastically through the oddities of daily life. You'll be amused and disturbed by the ten poems we present here.

Ray Gallucci is an amateur poet who lives in upstate NY with his wife and two parrots. He supports his poetry habit by working full-time as a Professional Engineer (it pays better). He's been rhyming since 1990, tending toward the skeptical/cynical about daily life, religion, and politics, with an occasional flair for science or history. He considers himself fortunate to have been published in poetry magazines such as Nuthouse, Feelings/Poets' Paper, Möbius, Pablo Lennis, Muse of Fire, So Young!, The Aardvark Adventurer, Poetic License and Thumbprints. This is his first publication in Unlikely Stories.

As indicated below, he stubbornly clings to his love for rhyme despite rejections by publishers who "only want free verse." Drop him a line at gallucci@localnet.com.


I rhyme, therefore I am. 
A crime, wherefore condemned 
By those free-versers who 
Oppose "Violets are blue." 

But yield never will I! 
Appeal!  My alibi: 
"Without linguistic twist, 
I doubt poems would exist."

Ray's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

"Four" Cast
Replay at Infinity
Phased Out
Prey Tell
Flown the Coop