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Replay at Infinity

Retracting plunger gingerly, 
Established I trajectory 
Propelling ball to apogee 
'Mid flashing lights electrically. 

With flippant flippers, vertically 
Relaunched the orb mid shouts of glee 
Which emanated magically 
From innards of machinery. 

Rebounded ball repeatedly 
Among the bumpers.  I could see 
My points amassing millionly. 
In Pinball Heaven soon I'd be! 

Alas, alack, dejectedly 
I watched it plunge so heedlessly 
Down path to dark eternity 
While flippers spasmed futilely. 

But points I'd scored abundantly. 
So Pinball Gods assuredly 
Would free game have to guarantee 
To humble acolyte like me. 

Imagine my indignity 
When Pinball Zeus so casually 
Dismissed me condescendingly 
With "Replay at Infinity." 

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