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It's claimed a leopard can't change its spots, 
But that a chameleon can 
Become any color that it wants, 
Thus into the background blend. 

With feline stealth the first stalks its prey 
As it closes for the kill. 
The second waits for what comes its way, 
Then keeps invisibly still. 

Up until now I have tried to be, 
Like the changeless leopard bold, 
In full command of my destiny, 
But have up river been sold. 

No longer do I find spots enough 
To keep atop the chain. 
No Chanticleer who can strut his stuff, 
I can't in same field remain. 

A change is needed before too late 
Or I will certainly starve. 
The season's dry and my dinner plate 
Has on it no meat to carve. 

So like chameleon I'll sport new hue 
And wait for my prey to stumble 
Into range of my tongue so true, 
Unknowing of what's to come. 

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