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"It ain't over, till it's over," 
Though suppose you bask in clover. 
"Final act's not yet been written," 
Though rejoice that I've been smitten. 

As Messala said to Judah, 
"No, the race is not concluded." 
Though convinced that you're the victor, 
Could reward be mortis rigor? 

"Butt is covered," your assumption, 
Panacea for the gumption 
You could not display when needed -- 
So convenient lies you heeded. 

Guarantees that first you uttered 
Proved just platitudes you guttered. 
Spinelessly you bowed to pressure 
You endorsed in every measure. 

Though our laws permit injustice, 
Letting guilty go unpunished, 
Know my memory is long -- 
Rest assured, I'll right your wrong! 

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