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The wait

they throw you from a tall building
as you fall hold out an arm
write a poem in the sky
they put you in a hole in the ground
and start to bury you
send out the worms to write a poem in the dirt
they tie your hands behind your back
and knife you
as you lay dying stick out your tongue
write a poem in the dust
they shoot you in the guts
stick a finger in the blood
write a poem on your shirt
the wait 
for the end
is not usually
filled with such
energy and urgency
it is often very slow
and there may be
better uses of
your time
drinking a beer
                      smoking a cigarette
                                                    loving a woman
and poetry may mean so very little
to anybody who may care
which is why
drink a beer
                  smoke a cigarette
                                             love a woman

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