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ADRIAN MANNING observes light levels

To the Unlikely Stories home pageAdrian Manning in tye-dieIt often seems that there's very little difference between writing and lovemaking, and the poems of Adrian Manning cross this miniscule divide with grace and ease. These poems have something to say about why we do what we do, be it a relationship with a human, or the relationship with the pen. In his lexicon, "intimacy" is a universal word, implying worlds of literature and love with one deft stroke.

Adrian Manning was born in 1967 in Leicester, England. He is currently living in Spain. He has had poems published in magazines in USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe and in web based magazines. His first chapbook, "Wretched Songs for Out of Tune Musicians" is due out this year from Bottle of Smoke Press in the USA. Drop him a line at adrianmanning@yahoo.co.uk.

Adrian's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Wait
A solution of sorts
Wake from the dream
It is the minor victories…..
What it really is
Black days
What to do with historic intimacy