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KARL KOWESKI speaks slowly, with a six pack

To the Unlikely Stories home pageIn "A Night at Bukowski's," Karl Koweski chronicles the trials and pains of a Bukowski inheritor, speaking of the frustration of writing on drinking and the hard life in the 21st Century. Karl himself, on the other hand, writes with a wit and enthusaism that Bukowski never had. The three pieces we present here are life-affirming in their darkness; by showing us the most violent, painful aspects of life, Karl shows us what it is we want to overcome, and what it is we live for.

Karl says, "My name's Karl Koweski. I'm twenty-seven years-old, married with one daughter and another child on the way. Originally from Chicago, I now live on top of a mountain in Alabama, just south of Huntsville. Not quite sure how I ended up here though I suspect a woman was involved. My stories have been published on http://www.sniffylinings.com, http://www.cherrybleeds.com, http://www.undershorts.net and all across the small press and in such magazines as Swank and Hardboiled." Check out his book at the Unlikely Stories Bookstore, or drop him a line at karlkoweski@hotmail.com.

Karl's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

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Spaghetti Noodle The Hot Plate
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disco jawa kick me I'm Polish
Accumulating Hells A Night at Bukowski's
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