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women I'll never fuck
in places I'll never visit

it's difficult for me
to believe I will
have lived and died
without walking the
beaches of Ibiza,
staring, slack-jawed,
at the gloriously
nude European women
flaunting their tans,
curves, meticulously
trimmed pubic hair...
the sand sifting
beneath my feet no
different from the
granules gooshing up
between their toes.

reality dictates
I'm left examining
their exploits half
a world away in
front of the t.v.
their bliss blurred
by censorship.

it seems I have
forsaken riding the
rails for surfing
the web and the
perks of leading
a writer's life -

the bit of fame
the bit of wealth
perhaps tenure
at a university
teaching conjunctions
to twenty year-olds

fades until I have
nothing left but the
cheap pop of seeing
my name appear on
a search engine.

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