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thirty second paradise

sometimes all it takes is a commercial

a sleek, successful blonde surfaces
from a swimming pool, hair slicked
back like seal skin, breasts glistening
and scarcely contained by her bikini
she hugs a muscled guy with a headful
of hair waiting at the edge of the pool
the camera subtly lingers on her
breasts mashed against his bowflex pecs

diet pills, they might be advertising
or some travel show on E! or any other
gateway leading to a fuller, richer life
given enough money, enough diet pills
enough low calorie Subway sandwiches
enough punishing hours on the bowflex
enough rogaine treatments and viagra
and one day you might find yourself
walking the beaches of Ibiza with your
low body fat, thick hair, raging hard-on

but when I see the commercial all
I wanna do is jerk off

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