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Pervert’s Joy
Was too tired to cruise for cock
But did it anyway 
Cuz my hunger for lips around 
A stranger’s dick outweighed
Any exhaustion
Coast for cock
In a bathroom toilet
In the food court 
Of a shopping mall
Belly full on the filth of the world
Touch doors.
Lick stall walls
Got sick
Couldn’t stop from coughing
That’s what the nurse was told
Sat in the largest stall
Jerked off like always
He looked at me from the glory hole
I was just some 'nigger' he didn’t want anyway
Something happened
“what the fuck”, he yelled
the shit hit the ceiling fan
we pulled up our pants 
and halled ass
he was about to blow his lid
cuz a disgusting faggot tried to look at his cock
he walked bold & bitchin’
out of that blue and white bathroom

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