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SHANE ALLISON looks great in a cowboy hat

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe poems of Shane Allison are absolutely clear: their subject matter is sex, and they take pride in sex, discussing it in all its most extravagant forms. Wildly pornographic, these poems are titillating and disturbing, and will enthrall you with their sick, liberating energy.

Shane Allison has been published in over sixty magazines and journals including online journals such as Gnome and The Doomed City. He is working on his first book of poems. Drop him a line at starsissy42@hotmail.com.

Shane's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Derriere With
Thin Skin Her

Tom Cruise Never Sucked My Cock Pervert's Joy
Skin Poem to the Late Melvin Dixon in a Black and White Photo Pictured in James White Review 1988
When I Called Perry Brass at Two in the Morning Talking Dirty to Myself
This Is for Real The Michael Lassell Pantoum
Waffle House Cars
Back in the Day Psycho
Hate I'm His Nigger
Your Poems Are the Poems that Make Me Shoot Loads: A Tribute to Antler Responding to Timothy Liu's The Size of It
Sweet 18 Take it in the Butt
They Don't Kiss Kenny
I Think My Friend Matt Is a Vampire The Morning After Night of the Living Dead
Aunt Karen's House in Ozone Park, Queens Shit
I Was Wonder Woman and Linda Carter Was the Perpetrator Taking Brian Crowell by the Cock
Beth I'm Not Leaving This Bathroom Until
Kids My Nuts Are Titanium
Naked-Butt Girl at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe
At Andy's Deli

Fatboy or Sweet and Low Self-Esteem I Was a Teenage Poet
Cold Sweat Feminine Side
Godfather Flesh
Drinking Antler's Semen Greg
Milk Tearoom Poem
piss Grown Men
George Costanza Doesn't Love Me Displaced in New York
case of emergency How Come You Didn't Tell Me He Has AIDS?
Hey Lover He Said He Wanted to Get Naked With Me
Dancing in the Living Room That is in the Process of Being Remodeled Elegy for Felicia Hayes 1973-1998
John: The Movie Drama Queen
I Don't Want You Thinking That All Gay Men Like to Do Is Fuck to the guys that always want to know, what do you look like?
Scott and John Plan to Blow Up the Jenny Jones Show A Poem for Paul
Cologne & Cigarettes Birthday Poem for David
Posing In Your Name
I Want to Suck a Big Dick I Brought Cake
Jewish: A Love Poem Poem for Lenny Bruce
African Dancer Alan tried to do me dry, thinking that
Jaime White Boys Are Beautiful
Wondering This Is Where Frank O'Hara Lives
Love & Romance Matthew Killed Somebody
Bastard why can't I call you sweetie?
Show Me the Man Who Pinched Your Ass New York is Killing My Black Ass
Poem in Celebration of My Penis I Call You Phillip
A Poem for Leonardo DiCaprio

Searching for Allen Ginsberg Study of a Model in Calvin Klein Jeans
Bryan's Jeans Cruising
Lush Life Rimming Ryan Benning's Asshole
Kicking & Screaming Hair, Scalp and Skin Oil Makes for Great Lube
Someone in Wyoming Loves Me I'm Saving Myself for You Todd Pierce
Jesus Gave Me a Blowjob he stepped over me
Blue Underpants Kissing
Hot Cuban Stud If I Was the Editor of a Literary Magazine