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Blue Underpants

i want to sniff your underpants.
You heard me.

i want a good whiff of fresh piss,
sweat sparkling in elastic waistband.

i want the underwear stained
w/ pre-cum or blood or some genital

virus in the inseam of blue boxers.
say what you want. talk dirty to me.

call me a sick fuck even 'cause that's what i am.
a pervert who likes to sniff guy's underpants, who

wanders the floors of dirty hotel rooms scavenging
for the perfect pair of unmentionables.

break into high school locker rooms for an eyeful
of jockstraps hanging like skinned rabbits from wire hangers.

Put a pair to my nose and take deep breaths.
Nothing like the stench of a young boy's ass looming

in the cotton cradle of Hanes.
At the laundry mat i spy a real muscle bound beauty.

He walks away leaving a bundle of his putrid undergarmets
atop the washing machine. I sneak on over to embrace

those baby soft undees while he's getting change.
His manmusk was a bouquet of flowers until he chased me off

yelling, "Hey, what the hell are you doing?"

Ducked out the back
with one of his socks clinched in my hand like Rosary beads and thought,
i've gotta learn to be more careful.

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