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Talking Dirty to Myself

Tried to suck my own dick, once,
But couldnít bend over that far.
I hear you gotta get a rib removed 
Or something.
Hell, if I could do that, I would have no need
For bathhouses or one night stands
With men whose names I wonít remember 
The next day, anyway.
I could wave goodbye to dead end sex ads.
Say cianara to pick-up bars.
Give a new meaning to the phrase: ďtouch myself.Ē
I could experience first hand why guys say Iím amazing.
Why do I give good head?
Havenít wondered until this poem 
If my dick taste like chicken or steak.
The sensation of mouth on my own prick,
Lips around my own dick,
The tongue tickles the piss slit,
Ejaculate surges up shaft,
Semen shooting out like missiles.
An orgasm caused by no one other than me,
But I donít think I would be able to swallow even my own cum.

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