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This is for Real
Parked across from him.
He drove a silver jeep.
Black Labrador in the front seat,
"lie down boy", he told the dog.
he wore gray sweat shorts that matched
the jeep. had been horny since that afternoon.
needed my dick sucked
and wanted to suck a mean one
that day. I’ve seen him out to the lake
once or twice. he jerked me off,
blew me there, even then.
usually don’t go for the first guy 
I see. like to cruise a little,
Case the place
Before I settle down on a lap.
Come out every Sunday,
Always the same old men 
Prancing pass pine trees,
Walking in the nude down dirt roads,
With their crowbar hard ons.
We talked about the weather
Both agreeing that it was hot as hell.
Squeezed my cock through the jeans.
Reached into those sweat shorts
To play with it.
Asked me what I was into
“sucking cock, getting sucked 
jacking- off,” I said.
he touched me down there,
stroked it. “you like that,” he asked.
he opened his trash mouth
& went down on me
sucking, slurping,
drooling, slobbering
on family jewel.
“this black cock is yours,” I moaned.
He wanted me inside him,
But we didn’t have any rubbers
He choked my chicken
As I leaned back into the green seat
Of my truck.
“I want to see you come,”
he demanded.
I was ready.
I came like a geyser.
Yelled so loud, I woke his dog.

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