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with your lips on my lips 
with tongue touching my tongue 
with it up my butt 
with a piercing in the head of his cock 
with your bleached, black hair of hell 
with tattoos on body parts 
with your dirty undees left on the bathroom floor 
with two sweet asscheeks cupped in my palms 
with your ass in polyester "church pants." 
with your fake British accent 
with your wet, leather jacket as he walked in out of the rain. Fresh off Christopher Street 
with your bald head and drunken breath 
with your fat, brooding thighs wrapped around me 
with my crusty toes being sucked by you 
with an unopened rubber on the night stand 
with that purple scar above your groin 
with your tender, pungent foreskin 
with your tanned belly of stretch marks 
with all the talking you did as you blew me 
with all the phone messages you left 
with all the messages I never returned 
with your black, nappy pubes 
with that centerfold smile 
with your hair in corn rolls 
with your dick deep in me 
with that spiked leach around your neck 

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