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my ass in Ron's rim chair 
my ass juicy and bubbled 
my ass in tight jeans that no longer fit 
my ass darker than the rest of me 
my ass with its pink, puckered rectum 
my ass in flannel boxers 
my ass in denim chaps 
my ass being screwed by a stainless steel dildo 
my ass. cherry-red blood in my stool 
my ass sitting on a bald man's face 
my ass swallows an anal plug 
my ass riding a Latino's dick 
my ass squeezed by an old man's hand 
my ass slapped with a white, wet towel 
my ass' hole covered with anal warts 
my ass wet and willing for anything 
my ass "smells like shit," he said. 
My ass naughty and spanked over my masterís bended knees 
my ass in chain restraints. 
my ass getting fisted 
my ass moons a family of four 
my ass kissed and adored 
my ass in tighty-whities 
my ass healing from his bite marks 
my ass so cute and firm 
my ashy ass 
my ass with stretch marks and cellulite 
my ass bare in the pages of Black Inches 
my ass fucked by a twink who's half my age

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