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I Don't Want You Thinking That All Gay Men Like to Do is Fuck

I guess asking how big your penis is constitutes a bloody lip
or a major ass kicking.
I just don't want you thinking that all gay men like to do is suck dick.
Of course for me, sucking cock is a given.
It's something I tell all men I meet.
They are then so eager to drop their trousers.
Then I'm just a faggot giving them head. It's no big deal.
I once read on a bathroom wall that said, "Gay men give head best."
Who ever it was that wrote that never got teeth
or ever had to break out the vaseline, this time for bite marks.
Let me be the first to admit that I have never been fucked in the ass.
A guy named Tony who I met in a junior college bathroom
took me home and tried to do me without a rubber or KY jelly.
It stung like hell and now I look at being fucked in the ass
for the first time like going to the dentist to get wisdom teeth
pulled. It would be no surprise if men were leaving their
boyfriends for fear of anal leakage.
The suicide rate for fudge packers would skyrocket.
If I promised to be careful, would you let me grab your ass,
I mean really grab it to the point of sticking my middle finger
in the crack?
I promise to be gentle.
Let me grope your package.
I want to see what you got down there.
I want to know what makes her the luckiest girl in the world.
Come on man, just this one time.

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