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to the guys that always want to know, what do you look like?

I have dark brown eyes and wear glasses.
I'm 6'2" last I checked at the health clinic.
I'm about 4 hundred pounds with love handles galore
if you're into that, but I'm sure that you're not.
I've got training bra type of tits with a little hair around the nipples.
I'm an innie, but the good news is, I can still see my dick
if I look down. Occasionally have to tuck in my gut,
but I can see it all the same. I have thighs like ham hocks.
They shake like Jell-O-gelatin when I dance naked in the house
I wear triple -x size shirts, but I buy them a size larger
'cuz I like them to fit big and baggy. Give me enough
room in the sleeves. I have arms like tree branches.
I wear size 46,32 pants, but I buy a 46,34
'cuz I like them long. Black makes me look as thin as
a supermodel.
I have a wide nose and have been complemented on my lips.
If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my teeth.
I want them to look like the teeth in those Women's Interests
magazines. I've got a cellulite type of ass.
Your typical fatboy butt.
I have flat feet and the big toe on my right foot has a callous.
I have an average size penis.
6 inches. Maybe 6 and a half.
If you want bigger, I'm not the one for you.
If you're a top or versatile, we might just hit it off.
I've had dermatitis since I was 12.
It's a mild skin rash that started around my nose
and spread to my scalp and stomach.
It's not in my pubes.
It's not contagious so don't worry.
I've got cavities and bad breath too.
Gum disease.
I still live with my parents and watch Superheroes
while eating Lucky Charms.
I have a college degree in English. I'm a non-smoking, non-drinking queer.
I don't have a wife or kids. Age doesn't matter to me.
With some guys it does. I'm just looking for a friend to hang out with.
I write poetry. I like scary movies.
I don't have any gay friends, so you would be the first.
I've never been in a serious relationship, so you would be the first.
People say I'm sweet and kind and nice. Also cool.
If you're interested, if you want to get together and talk some more,
leave a message at box 46782. I hope to hear from you soon.
Take care. Bye.

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