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John: The Movie

So what have you been doing?
How the hell are ya?
Finished community college yet
Stopped smoking yet
Are you still suffering from cancer,
Or was that just your feeble attempt
To make people feel sorry for you,
To get everyone's attention
Poor john,
He's dying!
Are the chemotherapy treatments
Responsible for making you bald
Are you pukin' up much
How's that iron lung working out?
How's your kid
He shouldn't be so little now
Are you an asshole to him, too?
I hope he doesn't grow up to be like you:
Totally fucked up
You still living in Wassisa
Is that redneck country
You must feel right at home, then
Still "happily" remarried
Is the wife still shoving dildos up your ass?
You still like it when she does that
Have you moved on to having real cock shoved up your ass?
Are those gay tendencies still botherin' you
Damn those gay tendencies, huh?
Have you acted on them yet?
Are you into guys at all?
You been suckin' dick behind her back
You still taking naked pictures of yourself
You still got that one photo
Where your dick is out and your pissing against your car
How's it hangin', how's that baby dick of yours
Have you seen a specialist about that little "penile" problem?
Why don't you try one of those vacuum pumps?
They always advertise about in the back of magazines
Speaking of magazines,
You still got them gay porn magazines I gave you four years ago
Did you get any joy out of them?
You still got them blue eyes I like
Who are you suing this time

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