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Tom Cruise Never Sucked My Cock
(A Fantasy)
That’s not the way it went down. 
I performed oral sex on him
in the bathroom on the set of my movie “The Cockpit Club”.
We met through a mutual friend
I performed oral sex on Tom Cruise
And getting him off was a mission impossible.
We met at a party Rebecca Demornay was throwing.
He was standing in her living room drinking white champagne.
Getting him off was a mission impossible
As his cock flossed my teeth. 
He looked good as shit standing in Rebecca’s living room, lips sipping champagne.
He noticed me smiling at him over Cuba Gooding Jr’s shoulder.
His cock flossed my teeth 
And I didn’t care about the whereabouts of Nicole. 
He saw me smiling at him as I was talking to Cuba Gooding Jr.
Who is actually taller in person.
I think Nicole was in the other room
Talking to Julianne Moore
Who is also very tall in person.
He’s nothing like the characters he play in his movies.
Nicole was out on the deck talking to Julianne Moore I think.
Tom smelled sweeter than a cosmetics counter in his Armani suit
And he’s nothing like the characters he play in his movies.
He slipped me a phone number the rest of the world doesn’t know about
smelling like a cosmetics counter.
He was growing a beard; I wanted to touch him
While he slipped his confidential number in my shirt pocket.
He kissed me in the toilet, on the set of my new movie, “The Cockpit Club.”

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