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Poem to the Late Melvin Dixon in a Black and White Photo Pictured in James White Review 1988

I was in the 8th grade when 
A picture of Melvin Dixon appeared 
In James White Review. 
I tried desperately to subdue 
smoker's breath From Mr. Henderson. 
They called him Papa Smurf 
because of his snow-white beard and pot roast belly.
His handwriting was worse than any medical doctor's.
Sitting in front, eyes straining 
to chicken scratch scribblings.
I remember now, he's the reason I wear glasses.

I may never see clearly again 
because of that fat bastard.
He's the man who hides behind cars 
in the teacher/faculty parking lot
for a quick smoke before leading his homeroom back to 
beakers and deceased dissected frogs marinating
in what used to be jars of mayonnaise.

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