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Naked- Butt
Naked fucking butt you
See to want I naked you
See to want I cream with explodes cock
Your of geyser the till again
Meat kosher your whack
& Meat your whack I as
Cherry exquisite your pop
You fuck you enter & sun 
The to legs your with comforter
Plaid the on freckles of back that
On you lie bed twin your
On you throw wanna I 
Crack Jewish you’re from
Pudding that taste butt
Your eat to want I pants
Pajama my staining
Cum-pre little a feel
Can mirror the in yourself
At look you as cock my stroke
Finger my you give
To in reaching
Of dreams
Dangling balls
Mirror the in penis
Wet cold off
Drying your at open
Slightly door the of slit
Through look legs
Pale dead
Your down ass your
Of trench the into crashing
Nipple of hill the over
Rolling chest your down
Cascading water nude
Completely naked you
See to love would I 

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