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Ejaculated into my hand staring down at the luke-warm puddle
  of semen and is amazed that this is the essence of life, this is
all it takes to make babies.
  Determines if it will be a he or a she, who it will look like,
will it be smart, tall, short, brown-eyed, straight or gay. Jarret informs
  Michelle, a student from his class, that he spent the whole weekend
taking care of Jennifer, his angel-haired wife. Apparently she had a
  stomach ache that called for staying home, cuddled in bed to rub her
upset belly. She didn't throw up or anything, he said.
  Michelle had a bad weekend. As a waitress, she only made ninety 
  in tips at AJ Sports Bar where she works and had a knock out, drag out
fight with her boyfriend. They both required stitches and therapy.
  As the conversation continued on, Michelle in her sweat shorts and tee
said, She might be pregnant. I leaned back into the gross, green desk chair
  and said, I never thought of that. Jarret, who was dressed in black
from his licorice- colored curls to his pitched, shoes, laughed and said,
  "So what if she is? I would make you the Godfather."
I am flattered that he would think of me first.
  Perhaps her stomachaches are boughts of morning sickness?
Maybe his spunk did the trick. Penetrated through vagina
  Broke through The Pill, an entire diaphragm to cause this 
I might be a Godfather.

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