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Jewish: A Love Poem
For Matt

Keep thinking you're gonna Plant one on Me
Like the Boy you Kissed at 19.
I want to Find Him & ask how Your Lips felt.
I Want to Know if it went any further than a Kiss.

As We stand below
The Window of your Apartment at 3 in the Morning,
            Our Dicks Full w/ Beer,
Alana sound Asleep, keeping your side of the Bed Warm,
I Keep Hoping that You will Smear me with Jewish Kisses.

We ate Cold Popcorn out of a Heart shaped Tray.
Your Knee pointed like a Compass between my legs,
        & it was Better than Sex.
In My Dreams, I'm Licking your Paint-stained Boots, the Stubbled Skull.
I'm Holding your Hand beneath the Bar at Jane Tavern.
I am on my Knees ready to do as you Please.

When My Skin Grazes against Your Skin,
When I Can slide my Hands under Your Shirt,
When I Can Feel Your Breath on my Neck,
When you Gift me with Kosher Kisses til I see Stars,
       I can Die a Happy Man.

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