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I Brought Cake

but no one wanted any.
daddy was asleep beneath
the covers in what used
to be my old room and
ma was nestled in bed
with blood shot eyes
under the 80th round
of basketball.
I brought cake
and it was just enough
for three people.
I had another
slice when I got it home good
with a bowl of French vanilla ice cream.
I was a fool to be so considerate
for two people who never even
came to my third grade Christmas
play in which I played a black Santa Claus.
They didn't give a shit about
cake and the ever-perfect icing.
But cake wasn't all
There were people at the
party where cake was served.
There were tofu burgers
for practicing vegetarians
and medium rare red meat for the rest of us.
The bean salad was colorful,
but I never touched it 'cause
nachos were there.
Looking over the cotton shoulders
and a bottle of Corona appearing
closer than it seems, was
a man of infinite beauty sitting
barefoot in cold grass with
an oxford blue shirt whose name
I never got.
He seemed so distant.

Everyone complimented me
on the camouflage pants that
were a steal for 32.50
at the army/navy supply store.
Friends began to talk about
porno and how a woman got a single
foot to fit in her vagina
like anyone wants a description
of that position.
I never spoke of the cute guy
sitting barefooted in ice-cold grass
or how badly I wanted to be his oxford blue shirt.
I was too busy eating cake.

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