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Drinking Antler's Semen

Is like drinking from the body of Christ. 
Make him sling his cock over a cup of coffee. 

Drop a little of his pre-cum cream in to give it a little flavor. 
Antler's semen has vitamin C and protein 

And not all the preservatives and additives you
Find in other hard, white cocks. 

His gism is what gets me going in the morning
After dicksucking hangovers. 

Instead of giblet gravy on my mashed potatoes, 
I want Antler's giblet gism lavaling down fluffy, 

Buttery mountains of my mashed potatoes. 
You queerboys won't find this condensed. 

This isn't like that generic, fake shit 
You find in puddles on floors of public toilets. 
When he shoots it ever so gloriously in my mouth, 
There are no artificial flavors. 
I don't need Gatorade when I can tap his 
Cock like a faucet to quench my thirst. Some drink Coke, 
Others bottled water, but I prefer the freshest 
Spunk in the world from between this poet's gorgeous 
Thighs that rest on my shoulders 
As I suck his everloving manmeat. 
I wish and wait patiently 
For the stuff wet dreams are made of.

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