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At Andyís Deli
ĎBout lost my mind when I didnít see the usual.
Where the pies at? I asked the cute, East Indian man
Standing behind the counter.
We sold out, he said.
I didnít know Hostess Apple Pies were so popular
Among the masses of Greenwich villagers.
He knows how much I like my real fruit filling,
The preservatives and artificial flavors.
My world ainít nothiní but a flaky crust,
A cream-filled Twinkie.
Gotta get somethiní.
My sweet tooth is killiní me.
Whatís it going to be:
Ho Hoís?
Crumb Coffee Cakes?
None of this I like.
Wait, this look good:
Coconut Crunch Donut Delites.
Six in a row.
Iíll take these, I told the clerk.
Place two quarters in his hand. 
Pull open the wrapper,
Took the first one out for a taste test,
And right then I knew, this was the last snack cake
That was going to take the place of my everyday routine. 

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