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Iím Not Leaving This Bathroom Until
My dark-blue Dockers and plaid boxers are down
Until the old man Iíve been after for months,
Takes my cock into his mouth & sucks me viciously.
Until Carl sees the error of his ways & eats my ass.
Iím not moving a muscle until my taste for black dick 
Has been quenched. 
Been here all day & nothing.
Not a single frat boy. Not one jock has entered this toilet for hrs. 
but I ainít given up.
Iím engorged with blood. 
Semen serging through & eager. 
Iím sick of the guy on the fifth floor.
Tired of his dick. He canít have these lips.
Iím not budging until Iíve had atleast a dozen
Men to fill every hole. 
Until that moment arrives,
Iím a black man with his dick
In his hand, plaid boxers & Docker pants
Down around ankles. 
Iím not leaving until my needs
Are pleased by some cock-starved twink 
On the make exclusively for me.

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