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In Your Name
for Antler

When I'm horny, I'm horny in your name.
 When I dismiss myself to my room for
a good jack-off, I lock the door in your name.
 When I pull my shirt up and over my head,
I take it off in your name.
 When I unzip jeans, I peel off the underwear in your name.
When I unlock the secret drawer, taking out the one gay porno tape I own,
 sliding it in the VCR, I do it  in your name.
When I walk naked to the bathroom, destination: medicine cabinet,
 I grab the vaseline in your name.
When I click play to two grown men fucking each other in the ass,
 I stroke my own cock in your name.
When I'm butt naked on green carpet,
 I spread my legs in your name.
When the baby oil is uncapped, I smear it on my baby soft
 cock in your name.
When I'm beating off to a guy named Donny beating off, I do it
 in your name. I place your face on his own technicolor face.
When these guys go deep throat, I imagine it's us, you
 butt-fucking my young, unspoiled ass.
I make orgasmic faces in your name.
 When I squirt loads of spunk on the green carpet,
in my hands soaked with a mixture of baby oil, vaseline,
 your name is the name I call wishing you were here.
When the video has been stopped to a guy spanking his cock with a
 leather whip, when Donny has shot a load on the face of my TV screen,
when everything is recapped and locked away,
 I wipe up the beautiful mess in your name.

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