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How Come You Didn't Tell Me He Has AIDS?

Why didn't you tell me he has AIDS
before I allowed him to stick dick in me?
Now every sore throat,

every earache, common cold,
and night sweat will be called into question.
Gotta get tested.

The slap of latex gloves on a nurse's hand.
Make a fist, she demands.
She draws blood like a mosquito.

Come back in two weeks for the results
she tells me.
Who's going to take care of my cat,

water my plants when I don't know who I am?
Lose hair. Open sores. There's blood in my shit.
Brain turns to oatmeal.

I can't control my piss.
Should have settled for phone sex.
He told me he hated rubbers.

Trust me, he said.
He promised to pull out before cumming.
I trusted him.

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