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Hey Lover

Denzel: I called you last night. Where were you?
Wesley: getting' somethin' to eat.
Denzel: Where else did you go?
Wesley: None of your business.
Denzel: What  'chu mean it's nuna my business?
Wesley: You ain't my mama.
Denzel: I know I ain't yo mama!
If I was, I'd be kickin' yo ass
for the way you talkin' to me right now.
Wesley: Yeah, whateva
Denzel: Umm hmm, whateva.
Oh, I saw whatshisname today at the store.
Wesley: Who?
Denzel: You know, whatshisname?
Wesley: Taye?
Denzel: Yeah, he look good.
Wesley: You fuckin him ain't 'chu?
Denzel: No I ain't fuckin' him.
You always think I'm fuckin' somebody!
I told you I ain't messin' wit nobody else.
Wesley: You got a serious attitude problem, you know that?
Denzel: You da one got the attitude problem.
Wesley: I ain't got no attitude problem
So shut up!
Denzel: No, you shut up.
Wesley: Don't tell me what to do.
You not the boss of me.
Denzel: You let people run all ova you.
Wesley: What do you mean?
Denzel: You know what I'm talkin' about.
Wesley: No, I don't.
Denzel: Yeah, you do. You know what I mean.
look, are you coming over or not?
I rented some movies.
Wesley: What movies?
Denzel: Just get your narrow ass over here. That's what movies.
Okay, okay, calm down.
It's just that I haven't seen you all week.
You always workin'.
So what else did you do today?
Wesley: Why you always wanna know my business?
Denzel: I'm just askin' a question!
I'm just tryin' to be nice and all you wanna do is argue.
Wesley: I had a hard day.
Denzel: It's been a hard day for me too Wes. A hard day.
Is it so bad I want us to spend some time together?
You such a mama's boy.
You ain't even out to your parents, fool.
Like they don't know bout your ass. Umma tell 'em
Wesley: Stay out of it Denzel. That is my business, not yours.
Denzel: Um just playin' dang! You so sensitive.
You get mad every time I try to talk to yo ass.
That's why people don't like you.
Spike can't stand you.
Wesley: What?
Denzel: I ain't lyin'. He called you a whiny, stuck up ass queen.
Wesley: Spike likes me, not you.
Denzel: Um just tellin' you that's what he said.
I don't have time for this shit. The gravy's burnin'.
Wesley: You know, you talk too much.
Denzel: Look you comin' ova here or what?
The food'll be ready soon.
Wesley: You don't love me.
Denzel: Shut up and jus get ova here.
He so stupid.
Oh, this my song.

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