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Acoustic Sunrise 104.5 FM

open square mouth of courtyard window
announcing citrus waves of lemon sunlight 

fan circulating cool air in room
omnipresent Nag Champa incense

glass objects of art on windowsill
dimensions illuminated

for now, the sounds of The City have disappeared
this moment of long slow bliss, for now

the jellyfish is one with the surf

and the fool with dharma in his back pocket
came down from Lemonade Mountain 

and pronounced the lady by the hungry river
to be the most beautiful bananafish of all

the fool went back up Lemonade Mountain
eating a carrot he had picked below in the valley

and sang, "we all live in a yellow submarine"

mantra melts into morning
hot butter on warm soft wheat toast

the food performs a dance
broken yolk splits and spreads yellow protein somersaults

accept the sadness of not knowing what came first
the chicken, or the egg  blood in, blood out

the chicken started life skinny-dipping
and the water feels like feathers of Heaven

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