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Cunnilingus With A Shade 

Juan had lived his life 
In the company of dark women, 
Thin floods of moonlight, 
The dusty yellow light 
Fallen across breasts softened by hardened lives, 
Breasts that bore tattoos 
Of anhinga feathers, 
Circles of tiny blue crosses 
Around burnished, erect nipples, 
He savored the blueness 
Of each of those delicate breasts, 
Lolled across his tongue 
Tiny droplets of street-wise 
Dew trickled down muddy, dark 
Child-scarred skin, 
Made sweet and precious 
With the power to give Life, 
Juan wanted the aroma of a hundred 
Lovers to escape into his being, 
To fill his body with animus, 
And the cunning of savages, 
With whispered touch, spiraled exploration, 
Moonlight yielded black roses of midnight, 
Blossomed into anticipation. 

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