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DONALD RYBURN easily waltzes through acronyms

To the Unlikely Stories home pageDonald Ryburn uses symbolism and irony to showcase both the pain and beauty of the human condition. His flawlessly executed poems stay in the mind long after one finishes reads and re-reads them, giving us a feeling of meaning beyond our experience.

Donald Ryburn is the editor of 4*9*1----Imagination. He is a neo-nave visionary artist/photographer. His poetry and photography has appeared in hundreds of print journals, anthologies, and on-line zines, including Black Moon, 4*9*1, Poetry Motel, Pacific Coast Journal, Onionhead, and Art/Mag (print) and Poetry Superhighway, Poetry Tonight, a Room without Walls, India Journal, Indie Journal, Archeflamboeth, Entropic, and Tom Perry's Grassroots Poetry (on-line). He is a member of the Tvlvhvse Wokvkiye Ceremonial Grounds of the Mvskoke Nation. His email address is Stompdncr@aol.com.

Donald's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Ancient Call
Buster Brown Princess
Cunnilingus with a Shade

July 1999 - July 2000:
Ancestral Mornings