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The Stolen Horse

Roll out the red carpet,
Free drinks all around,
Wolfgang Von Dietrich
Is coming to town.

The band started playing
Exciting the crowd,
And all of the people
Were happy and proud.

What made this great lawyer
Sail over the sea
To battle for justice?
A little boy's plea.

He heard that a scoundrel
Had stolen Dan's horse
And vowed to retrieve it
By law or by force.

He went to the courtroom
And pleaded his case;
The horse thief was smirking,
A sneer on his face.

The reprobate's lawyer
Walked up to the bar
And said that Dan's horse
On its head had a star.

A star on its forehead,
A beautiful white;
The horse of his client
Was black as the night.

The boy started crying;
Wolfgang said, "Don't fear,
Do not be afraid, Dan,
Von Dietrich is here!"

He took from his pocket
A jar colored red
And massaged its contents
On the horse's head.

The dye was dissolved
And the mystery cleared;
On the horse's forehead
A white star appeared.

The crowd started cheering,
How great was the noise;
The judge proclaimed loudly,
"The horse is the boy's!"

Dan kissed the old lawyer
And called him his friend;
Berlin's most exalted
Had triumphed again.

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