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faceless nameless

unbelievable how many 
show up at 9 AM
on AOL from work,
to jack off in their cubicles.

I click straight for my 
final destination.
wanting to check in with my 
people. lunatics! 
here I am in the Bi-Polar
disorder chat room, being that I woke
up at 11 PM, yes 11 PM. I take my 
sigh for help 
to those who might understand that
Iím in the trenches, fighting a losing battle.
getting my ass
fucking kicked.
by the nameless faceless. 

Iím shooting blanks 
at all the enigmas,
who screennames mask
and remind that Iím still alone
in this room. with this computer. 
with it. 

no more, 'get over it's 
no more, there is nothing wrong
no more, why are you upset.
no more, I donít understand.

lost in the repetitive
point and click
stroke and return.
if i hit back, on my browser
i can have one more chance
to do it over.

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