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Adam and Lilith

Is it the wind or the serpentís tongue that nibbles
On my ear and sends ripples
Across clear puddles?
--And yet, another night, your apparition
has come to haunt me in a gory vision!
I beg you, Lilith, let me be at last!
O, donít evoke the gardens of the past,
the long forgotten Eden! Donít remind
my wearied heart of treasures it can find
nowhere on earth. I beg you, disappear...
--Poor, Adam, you are dazed with fear!
--Was that the wind or have I heard a voice?
--Youíve called on me and now you donít rejoice?
--Be gone, damned spirit! Disappear for good!
--Youíve yet to taste the magic of the fruit...
--I canít be tempted twice, Iíve had my share;
my paradise is lost, my world stands bare,
my God is raged. --No free man needs a God!
--This blasphemy! O, Lilith, tempt me not,
my mind is clear for He directs my way
and there is nothing you can do or say
to blind me. The star still shines to guide
myself, a traveler, to heaven with its light.
--You need no star! Its light can only chill...
--Without it, Iíd be lost! -- You have free will...
--These lies cannot deceive a faithful ear,
I listen to you not! -- But you still hear!
In vain, you dream of heaven, there is no
life after death. -- Then, where do all men go?
--Into a vacuum, which consumes all life...
--And do you think existence is a strife?...
All that we do? Our ever single breath
Brings closer us to nothingness... to death?
There must be justice in the end of time!
--There is no justice for there is no crime.
There is no sin... Itís but a shade of good;
and thatís the juice of the forbidden fruit!
For that, which casts no shadow cannot be...
Dear Adam, you are full of glee?
--Iíve come to understand you donít exist,
and nothing hangs above me, just the mist...
O, cruel, insomnia! what you create to keep
a wearied man away from rest and sleep.
Such webs you spin that even now I gape
and wonder how these tales come to shape...

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