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People, people!
Awake, and hear me,
a crying seagull.
The sky has darkened.
Iíll let you near me,-
Harken... harken.
I am your conscience,
a new messiah.
Within your mansions,
within your temples,
Iíll start a fire,
and you wonít tremble.
Stone walls will quiver,
your churches- crumble.
Take in my silver
and share my visions,--
walk in the rubble
of past convictions.
Open your cages!
People, people,--
your conscience rages
with warm affection.
See through a peephole
No books could teach you,--
the truthís inside you!
How can I reach you
within your dungeons?
See me beside you,--
I am your conscience!
See me beside you,--
Iím small and brittle...
The truthís inside you,
people, people...

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