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but he keeps on trying

Frastus would like to be
a better person:
to improve himself,
his mind, his soul,
his marriage
(his sex life too,
for that matter).

He's prayed for change.

He's walked for miles
in twelve-step programs.
He's even contemplated
actually changing.

Frastus would like to be
a true and gentle Christian,
be a Renaissance Man,
like his friend Galileo.
Frastus wants to be better,
but he just doesn,t know

Take Galileo's case
(which no lawyer would do,
knowing he would be
disbarred - and dismembered -
for defending a heretic;
so Galileo
had to defend himself,
though he was bound and gagged
for the length of the trial):
when they asked Frastus
to testify against his friend,
he did.  What else could he do?
They threatened to audit
the books of the pet shop.
They threatened his family.
Hell, they threatened

(Sung to that damn tune they keep playing on the carousel)

Fratsus would love to be good.
He'd really love to be good.
Frastus would love to be good -
but he's too busy staying alive.

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