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J. B. MULLIGAN could survive any conditions

To the Unlikely Stories home pageThe narrative poems of J. B. Mulligan walk the perfect balance of comedy and sincerity, drawing the reader into an intimate relationship with their characters and situations. They study spirituality and emotionalism without losing sight of their own simple, low-key humor.

You can write to J. B. at frastus@frontiernet.net.

J. B.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

the child who died of love
virtual death

The following poems are from a sequence, The City of Now and Then. It is divided between poems about the city itself, and poems about its oldest inhabitant. Dannun Dwann is a city which drifts in and out of time and space. Velociraptors can show up in the lobby of an office building, scaring the hell out of the doormen. In this everytown, people come and go, and sometimes return, telling tales of white lights and deep, calming voices, or new routes to the Orient. But one immortal everyman in this everytown, Frastus O'Gallen, has been trodding its ever-shifting streets from the get-go, cursed to never get gone. He has had many unusual adventures, some of which are even printable. For instance....

the zoo
but you can't lay it out for the dog
the Dannun Dwann Express
the Constitution

July 1999 - July 2000:
Frastus recapitulates phylogeny, whilst and at the same time juggling his skull
the Mask of Frastus
but he keeps on trying
the seventh plague is Frastus
Apple Frastus