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the seventh plague is Frastus

Twice Dannun Dwann
has been sundered
by earthquakes.

Once a tidal wave swept through it
like an angry herd of tourists.

Once (while Frastus fiddled)
it burned to the last wall.

There was the plague of locusts,
the deaths of the first-born sons
(Frastus O'Gallen
is the seventh son
of a seventh son,
and so was spared.)

But the people of the city
took no notice:
they picked themselves up,
buried their dead
and went about their business,
and so God gave up
and said to Frastus,
"Let's blow this burg, huh?"

"In a sec," said Frastus.
"Got to see a man about-"
"About what?"
But Frastus was already
ducking out the back
(sticking God with the tab)
and went home,
which he could not find.
So he slept in an alley that night.

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