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CAINE will walk 500 mile and CAINE will walk 500 more...

To the Unlikely Stories home pageturn it off if you wanna...caine's poems often talk about statements and answers, but mostly they ask questions, with nery a question mark to be found. He talks of games and boredom, radios and cloisterd rooms, seeking the wisdom in the hours between events, and vibrancy in the stagnant toil of everyday life. His images are unique and compelling, carrying you along in his journey of not only self-discovery, but universal discovery, which amounts to the same thing.

caine says, "I am a poet from Boston, recently published in eyeshot.net and Poet Tree." You can write to him at Muse13@attbi.com.

caine.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

stitches (hear it in MP3 format)
let it be said, it's all been said (hear it in MP3 format)
when i stopped remembering a ladybug stepped out of the air conditioner (hear it in MP3 format)

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