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Inside, ya...

ya gotta stand up for yourself.
If you don't, no one else will,
and besides, you're dead meat.

ya get what you can, when
you can.  When you see someone
leaving their food for a minute,
you grab it and pretend nothing

ya take what they dole out, no
matter what, no matter how
humiliating, no matter how
shitty, screaming

        Holstad Walking Sir

acting like a goddamn slave
to the guards, all of whom
have Little Man's Complex.

ya cheer when you see on
TV out a cop got his packet,
square on, ya talk about
who's truck & shit.

ya watch your back &
find someone to watch
yours, not that you ever
completely trust that

most of the time,
for most of the people,
ya want out.

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