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She was good.

She was, she was good.

   I don't think it was necessary for
life to have her on like that. Like, you
know, you're reading a joke out of a 
book, and you're on the last paragraph
before the punch line. But not the 
paragraph Of the punch line.


 	She was good.

Yeah. She was. 	I'm going to
have to go to the store.

You went to the store.

I went to the store Sunday. Today is Saturday.

You're kidding me.          Don't show me
that. I'm off from work. I know it's

I need five dollars.

You always need five dollars.

Not when I need ten.

Is that supposed to be funny?

     What's the matter with you?

                           I don't think I'd ever
like to end up on that page.   I'd rather
be on page two or three, but when they
stick you in with all the other people. I mean,
of course they don't put the tramps and the
Hooters girls and stuff in there, but you 
could be next to   I don't know    the first
guy to do air flight simulation or something
stupid, 87 years old.      How would they know 
who you     What are you doing?

I need five. They're going to close at

             WE DON'T NEED ANY FOOD!

                                                     Just because
I said the store doesn't Mean food.        Your

I'm sorry.

Your prescription.

I'm sorry.              I want to live forever.   I 
want to be a kid and not worry, win some money.
I want to see stones by the water and not think
when I'm looking down what Time it is.    I blew
a speaker today.

You didn't.

I was there!             I'm sorry.       Know anybody that 

                                        I'm pregnant.

God!!         How did That happen?

You were there.

Don't get smart!!!     Oh, God         that's all we
need.             Are you sure?           Is it too late?

For what?

           My insulin.           It's a needle.      We could

You've got to be joking!!

I'm joking. I'm joking, I'm             Jeez.

                   Can I have five dollars?

        I bought the new Green Mile book.

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