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I Need Grass Stain Approval On Aisle..

I need to know what you think of Yes.

   It's all right.

I don't know if it's progressive or 
     what's that other one?   But it
definitely felt the origins of the stage
with new age.    A philosophy, turn of 
phrase, heroic, a    light in war years
when the planes came overhead. Everything
meant to be dark. The daring.    The
affront    yet for a retro-reason. No, it's
not retro...

So what? It's just a band. You don't like

Whitesnake is just hard. It's a feeling. 
It races your blood, starts on your last
bad nerve, elevates suicide to a potential.
Gets down, stays close to the floor, by
the edge of the door, where you can just
breath a little.

I like that.

I'm talking about rock with punk's neo-drive,
but for a purpose that you can accelerate.
You go to a concert and you feel like from
the womb, you're crying, everything's new,
you're Wet all over.

I was thinking about seafood.

And then when you ask what else they like,
when you're standing around the fans that
Also feel this sting of life, and the power
of Zappa-like drug abstinence, it's eclectic
like    a dog in the desert.   You take out
your last water bottle, put the red bowl down.
The dog has to drink.

You think seafood would be all right? You

And they say Genesis, or Peter Gabriel, but
I don't know.

  KFC is taking credit cards, and I didn't even

Let me just put Yesshows on, just the second disk.

I'm hungry, James. The doctor said

This is holistic, baby. Just watch. The power.
Now   this was '80, so things are going to be
mastered like     you know    you're hearing
it underwater, away from the mic   out by the
garbage can.

I'm going.   You coming or going?

                    Doesn't Perkins have that

I'm not going to Perkins, it's like eating shit
that's fallen asleep.   They water down.

Do you have the keys?

YOU have the keys. I mailed them to you 

Right, right.             You're not leaving me

                    Gimme the keys.    Honey.          
               I'm sick of Yes.      I don't CARE 
about the Stones.  They're rich old men. Talk to 
me like a baby. Like I'm a baby, and they're 
just older than me.   Music stays in the background. 
You want to talk to me. Put something on. Inside.

                                 Yeah.     That's 
just like.               Just listen to this 1 track.

h           hhh

It's "Ritual", and it's French with meaning   you
dip down    you



I don't have any stamps.           Bye.

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